Mirjan Dodlek

Opening hours

  • 7am - 3pm

Corporate Information

Company name:: Dodlek-agro d.o.o.
Residence: Lipovke 6, 40319 Belica
Business bank: Erste banka
VAT: 90751448634
IBAN: HR2724020061100743029

Petar Požgaj

Warehouse Manager

+385(0)99 6312 186

Ivica Horvatić, ing.agr

Head of Commercial

+385(0) 99 6312 187

Tihana Kolenko, dipl.ing.agr.

Head of cooperation

+385(0)99 4312 186

Nikolina Srpak, ing.agr.

Production technologist

+385(0)99 8082 376

Kristina Marciuš Lovrenčić, dipl.oecc.


+385(0)40 845 079

Natalija Pranklin

Officer in cooperation

+385(0)40 845 091

Melita Novak

Dijana Marčec


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How to reach us?

We are located about 6 km from the town of Čakovec (10 minutes drive).

Entering the Belice from Probislavec turn in the fourth street on the right (Workers Street) and drive straight.
At the end of the street Workers is Dodlek Agro Ltd.

Parking is a big parking lot for customers and employees.