About us

Family Dodlek on their own family farms produced potatoes on 115 acres and has a tradition of producing over 50 years. In the mid 90s we established trade crafts Shop Dodlek as a combination of production and trade, since at the time we had the need for large quantities of potatoes and other products such as onions, celery and carrots. Following the development and expansion of business in the store shopping crafts Shop Dodlek grew into a company Dodlek-Agro Ltd.

Since the start of trade increase its own production and with it and expand cooperation in this area and so today with 115 hectares of own production of potatoes and 16 acres of carrots have 45 subcontractors with whom we have a contractual production of of potatoes for fresh consumption on 500 hectares, 20 hectares of carrots, celery 20 hectares, 50 hectares of port and potato chips for production of 150 hectares.
The company has 40 employees of which three agronomists with the sole task of keeping production in order to own land and the areas of our subcontractors, provided that cooperate with regional advisory service that monitors the complete development of agriculture in our region, and to us with our engineering team provides recommendations on the protection and fertilization of crops. Mention agronomists daily care for the condition of crops in the field, provide recommendations to our producers and how the optimal use of modern technology in the production and control of all the processes of storage, preparation, packaging and shipment of goods from the packing center with the purpose of achieving a better quality of our products.

Belica as micro location has excellent light sandy loam soil just perfect for this type of production, but certainly with great care the producers themselves and our professional staff as well as with large investments in the latest production technology and irrigation. In cooperation with the profession each year organize educational workshops for our subcontractors to make them more encouraged to introduce the latest technology in production to be applied in agriculture.
The company Dodlek-Agro with the care of the production itself takes care of high standards in its packing center so we have certified HACCP and GLOBALGAP. Our customers in the Republic of Croatia, the fruit and vegetable wholesalers and chain stores, and the last couple of years and we export goods to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. Since the Belica always known for the production of potatoes Beličanci in the town center in 2007 raised a monument to the potato first in the world.