Production of potatoes and other crops

The range of our products is the potato as a strategic food in the human diet, and because of that we take care of assortment, quality and types of culinary types.

Of the thousands of varieties offered in the market, we opted for a dozen varieties we produce and we offer to the market and packed on special purposes as potatoes for baking and frying, potato salad and potatoes cooking.

Packing it in various types of packaging from 1.5 kg., 2.5 kg., 5 kg., 10 kg. And 20 kg.
The assortment of other products we offer and carrots packed 500 g., 1 kg. And 5 kg. Onions 1 kg., Onion train 4 pcs., 5 kg. and 10 kg. And celery 5:10 kg.

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